Hawaii Rehab

Hawaii drug addiction helpAlthough Hawaii is well-known as a tourist hot-spot and vacation destination, the state does have some challenges with drug abuse. Rehabilitation services are available to help overcome addiction and start living without drugs.

The state of Hawaii is not only a tropical paradise that provides a great vacation. It also has rehab facilities to help with the substance abuse problems within the state.

Hawaii Drug Problem

The biggest drug problem in Hawaii is crystal methamphetamine. It has the highest rate of abuse and addiction within the state, but is closely followed by marijuana. Cocaine is the third most abused drug within the state, but is most commonly used with other drugs.

Although the biggest problem is methamphetamines, the state is seeing an increase in club drug abuse among young adults and prescription drug abuse is growing. In many cases, the drugs are used for recreational purposes, but prescription drug addiction is also associated with accidental abuse after accidents, injuries or surgical procedures.

Rehab in Hawaii

Although Hawaii has great climate conditions and is a vacation getaway, the rehab facilities are similar to options available in other states. The goal of rehab is taking the first step into recovery by breaking the cycle of addiction, learning about the effects of the drug and getting help for the underlying causes of the problem.

The programs always start with a detoxification process. A detox program requires abstaining from the drug until the withdrawal symptoms pass and the body flushes the toxins from the system. It usually takes about three to seven days, depending on the drug and amount of substance abuse.

Treatments for patients are always personalized based on the situation and cause of addiction, but usually include personal counseling, group therapy and behavioral therapy. Hawaii does offer luxury treatment facilities, which include workshops to provide better coping mechanisms after breaking the cycle of addiction.

Aftercare is provided when the program is complete to help reduce the risk of relapsing on the drug. Depending on the program and the substance, the aftercare services will vary.

Although Hawaii is a paradise for vacationers, it does have some problems with substance abuse. The drugs used in the state are difficult to overcome, but with professional help it is possible to remain drug free. Rehab programs in the state offer help to get through the difficult first steps to recovery and continue providing support to help patients maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Hawaii Rehab

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